September 20, 2021

With 18 years of participation and 13 championships, Audi announces that it will not participate in Le Mans’ long history of racing. Instead, the anonymous electric car race – Formula E.

According to the latest source, the day of dominance of the Audi car manufacturer at the prestigious race The 24 Hours of Le Mans (LMP) will end this year. Behind this decision is a strategy to revive the image of the parent brand after the emissions scandal.

Audi tam biet giai dua Le Mans: Phuc hoi danh tieng hinh anh 2

Audi has shaped the modern race, is a benchmark for the following racing car manufacturers. Audi’s victory in the race is not only materially but also gives the company a brand reputation through the familiar red-silver-black racing car image. Diesel technology is also known from this race.

However, Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen Group, experienced a major incident last year in the face of a scandal of emissions fraud scandal worth billions of dollars. This event forced Volkswagen in general and Audi in particular to change its business strategy and electrify its entire products.

Similar to Elon Musk’s Tesla. It is known that E-tron – Audi’s first electric SUV will be launched in 2018. But this reform plan faces a dilemma with research and development expenditures as well as the procurement of new equipment.

Audi tam biet giai dua Le Mans: Phuc hoi danh tieng hinh anh 1

According to Reuters, Audi has spent one-third of its R&D budget, or $ 1.56 billion, to invest in the electricity sector. Volkswagen Group also had to spend up to 14.7 billion USD to settle its violations with related parties.

Every year, carmakers spend more than $ 300 million on LMP. Meanwhile, Formula E electric car racing tournament only accounts for 3.5 million / year.

Therefore, it can be understood that the action to withdraw from the Le Mans game is a move that helps Audi to minimize unnecessary expenses. They aim to focus all their energy on the tram revolution. Everything Audi has right now encapsulated in “Formula E”.

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