May 29, 2022

Here’s a Chance to Buy the Oddest Racing Car Ever: Peugeot’s 806 Procar

If there’s one thing that motorsport history has shown us, it’s that some thing may be a race automobile. A word often used is that the primary race took place while a person constructed the second one automobile, and that’s some thing Peugeot simply took to coronary heart in 1995. The French logo decided to […]

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Backstage transporting F1 racing cars

It is no coincidence that F1 is dubbed the most attractive race car in the world. In addition to a long history, F1 also shows people the level of the terrible money used to invest in the tournament every year. This is evident in the racing cars upgraded each year with a series of new […]

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DownHill Master – Street racing game

Racing Games is a genre that has a wide variety of fans. Every second is shortened over every precise turn, some prefer the winning allocation at the last sprint. And the DownHill Master is an extremely appealing name for gamers. Downhill Masters seems to be a racing mobile game that was born for those who […]


Review Need For Speed ​​Heat – The return of a legend

This is a good idea when there is a combination and inheritance between a valid old formula and new points of modern times. Speaking of a pinnacle of Need for Speed ​​series, Underground 2 is truly the best game of all. With good graphics, a large open world, and online integration make it the version […]


Use YouPoint points to redeem the hottest F1 2020 racing tickets on the planet

F1 racing is considered one of the subjects that attracts a lot of people interested, the race is usually held in big countries such as Australia, USA, Japan, the Middle East. In November 2018, Vietnam also officially enrolled in the list of countries hosting the most attractive racing competition on the planet – Formula Racing […]


More than 500 teams kick off Dakar Rally 2018

Dubbed the most extreme terrain racing on the planet, Dakar Rally journeys through the roads with complex and extremely difficult terrain. Held annually since 1978, the Dakar Rally Championship title is a dream for speedy and adventurous drivers. The race in 2018 is the 40th race of Dakar Rally – the most fierce and dangerous […]


Porsche plans to compete in Formula E

From 2019, the Porsche team will compete in the Formula E race. Thus, the company will stop participating in the LMP1 race in the FIA ​​World Championship (WEC) at the end of the 2017 season. Porsche is still focusing on the international racing competition and will also focus its motorsport strategy on the use of […]


Label with speed battle at Singapore 2019 F1 Racing Track

To reschedule, every September, tourists from all over the world flock to Singapore to travel and also have the opportunity to see the Singapore F1 Grand Prix most attractive on the planet. Star riders are competing on the official route along the bright streets of night lights in central Singapore, located on the famous bay […]


The Crew 2 – large space and many unique racing facilities

In recent years, open world games are becoming more and more impressive. Not only action games, new adventures must be open worlds, but even racing games. After complimenting from the first version, this time Ubisoft reused the old recipe and learned from the mistakes of the old game to bring about a more exciting racing […]


Microsoft put Porsche racing cars on the virtual world

In the future, Porsche sports cars will dominate racing games series called Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. After launching the Porsche 935 racing supercar in September 2018, Porsche continues to introduce 7 special color versions of this car. Only 77 Porsche 935 were produced. At the New York International Autoshow international exhibition, German carmaker Porsche […]