May 29, 2022

Here’s a Chance to Buy the Oddest Racing Car Ever: Peugeot’s 806 Procar

If there’s one thing that motorsport history has shown us, it’s that some thing may be a race automobile. A word often used is that the primary race took place while a person constructed the second one automobile, and that’s some thing Peugeot simply took to coronary heart in 1995. The French logo decided to […]

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F1 racing: Lewis Hamilton wins at GP Tuscany

The fact that the British runner to finish first is expected, but GP Tuscany has many more stories worth telling. GP Tuscany was held for the first time in history at Mugello racecourse. Because of not being too familiar with this racetrack, it made it difficult for the racers in the first part of the […]


The entire F1 race in the Americas was canceled

According to the latest information, F1 racing has been officially canceled the race in Canada, Texas, Mexico and Brazil due to COVID-19 epidemic. However, the organizers have added three new locations in Europe. On Friday (July 24), the organizers of Formula 1 racing have announced the cancellation of all 4 races in the Americas will […]


Backstage transporting F1 racing cars

It is no coincidence that F1 is dubbed the most attractive race car in the world. In addition to a long history, F1 also shows people the level of the terrible money used to invest in the tournament every year. This is evident in the racing cars upgraded each year with a series of new […]

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Formula One Racing Is Ready to Return On July 5?

According to the CEO of F1, the schedule for the 2020 season can take place in the number of 15 to 18 stages, starting from July 5 in Austria. The COVID-19 pandemic seriously affected many world sporting events, including F1 racing. Up to this point, there have been nine races that could not take place […]


COVID-19: F1 Racing Teams Involved in Manufacturing Medical Equipment

Seven UK-based Formula One teams have teamed up to produce the necessary medical equipment to help treat coronavirus patients in the UK. Collectively known as the Pitlane Project, seven teams include Haas, McLaren, Mercedes, Racing Point, Red Bull, Renault and Williams are working with F1 to coordinate the response to the British government’s call for […]