May 25, 2020

Grand Prix F1 is the largest-scale racing competition held in Japan. With the participation of the top 20 riders around the world with supercar heavy skills. In 2018, the match lasted for 3 days, bringing about 165 thousand spectators from all over the country to Japan. In this article, we introduce the history and venue of the Japanese Grand Prix match.

The match was first held in 1987 at Suzukacircuit of Mie province, the match is still maintained. Ayrton Senna is considered a symbol in this sport until the first half of 1990, among them famous Japanese riders such as Sugajima, Suzuki Aguri, Sato Takuma, Kobayashi Kamui … Then, the amount of The fan also started increasing gradually. Every year, the Grand Prix race will take place in October, many F1 fans also attend.

In 2018, Honda became the main sponsor. The match was officially organized as “The 17th Japan Grand Prix race, the season with F1 F1 FIA international riders under the sponsorship of Honda”. Closing match with the victory of Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes F1 tournament.

The Suzukacircuit racetrack with an international unique obstacle-crossing design is like a large figure 8. With various variable race tracks including low speed, medium speed, high speed, professional driving techniques are also applied.

In addition, the characteristics of the track at Suzukacircuit, you can not find anywhere else. Firstly, this race has many visitors to attend with cosplay costumes of cartoon characters. There are not only supportive clubs and cheerleaders, but also cheerleaders wearing hats and Happi shirts with team colors are the highlight. Through twitter, the organizers of the campaign through the cosplay photos of the fans, many interesting articles about the match and became the topic of discussion over the past time.

The second is the article to introduce delicious food. Depending on the different places, there will be posts with rich topics such as fastfood, meat dishes, desserts … To delicious dishes from Europe to Asia, from traditional Japanese dishes such as Takoyaki, Udon, Ramen and curry to typical dishes of each country such as Lasagna, Kabab …

In addition, the content of the event is also very diverse to bring satisfaction to visitors such as organizing events to perform. driving techniques in matches …

Grand Prix F1