May 29, 2022

Racing Games is a genre that has a wide variety of fans. Every second is shortened over every precise turn, some prefer the winning allocation at the last sprint. And the DownHill Master is an extremely appealing name for gamers.

Downhill Masters seems to be a racing mobile game that was born for those who prefer to lose than sprint. The Downhill Masters promotes breakthroughs and surprises at the last meters.

DownHill Master - Game đua xe đường phố cực ngầu cực đỉnh - Ảnh 1.

You will start the game by choosing one of your three nominees. Each player will have a unique personality, built completely different: Marie for riders who like to calculate. A Steve has terrible sprints and a Devito always knows how to take advantage of him.

Immediately after selecting a character, they will be ready to board immediately and start their race. Of course, racing is not everything. And you should swipe left to right to explore many other aspects of the character if you want to optimize their ability in the race.

Each character will have three basic aspects of life: Work, the gym and the family. Quests will gradually appear, and completing them is the fastest way for you to gain money and experience. Those are the factors that help you upgrade the quality of your race.

DownHill Master - Game đua xe đường phố cực ngầu cực đỉnh - Ảnh 2.

Race Mode, where you will spend most of your playing time in the beginning, consists of 10 sections, each with 5 levels. Completing the levels completely will help you improve your character’s unique skills.

With the first level, you may be bored because of the repetition at the level, but do not be bored. Because it is a prerequisite to help you pass level 6. It is the place that will take you to a challenge that is different from the first levels.

Downhill Masters also knows how to create and refresh themselves. Don’t think the race is only on bicycle wheels. Drivers can completely attack each other, and if they succeed in reducing the opponent’s HP.