June 16, 2021

In the morning of June 9, 2019, the race for the seventh consecutive race of the season was held at Gilles-Villeneuve, Canada. The race under the full name of the prize system is Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix Du Canada 2019.

Traditionally, the Canadian GP race has always been a milestone where the Mercedes racing team uses a new engine which contains a number of upgrade packages to increase engine efficiency, while the race in Canada is considered the most suitable. with the Ferrari team because there are long straight lines that are very suitable for their cars.

Also, even if the race is official or racing, the Gilles-Villeneuve track always gives fans the speed of different sports.

Going back to the main developments of the first class race, as with the previous race’s graded races, the soft tires (Red soft) are used by most riders by mid-level riders. and the bottom group always uses this set of tires to find the best performance.

Not out of speculation, the defending champion Lewis Hamilton and his colleague Valtteri Bottas could not easily capture the highest positions even struggling with their own racing car.

Đua xe F1: Đua phân hạng Canada GP: Vettel đoạt pole “thần thánh”, Ferrari đã trở lại ? - 2

On the other hand, the racing team duo rivals quickly and easily tucked into the top two spots of this race rankings (which two Mercedes racers usually do from the beginning of the season now on).

After only 7 laps, Sebastian Vettel, the main driver of the Ferrari racing team, became the fastest racer in this race with the fastest performance in a run, the young Charles Leclerc is no less inferior. only 14 seconds later and ranked right after that.

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas is also very close to the record when he is only 29 seconds behind Ferrari’s No. 1 racer, while reigning champion Lewis Hamilton is far behind in performance, slow more than 0.318 seconds and this achievement is only enough to put yourself in 4th place in the Q1 rankings.

Slower than 0.419 seconds, the fifth familiar position is always the location for Max Verstattpen of Red Bull racing team. And driver Nico Hulkenberg did a surprise when blocking the top 6 of this qualifying race after three time runs, slower than the leader only 0.52 seconds was a good sign for the team. Renault.