November 30, 2020

The 2018 F1 season has ended with a fascinating and exciting racing through 55 rounds of the Yas Marina. In this year, Abu Dhabi GP is a one of “last” for many riders even though they do not get good results.

Lewis Hamilton won the pole as well as won 11th and 17 podiums in 2018. He equaled many of his season’s winning streaks in 2014. He was just one individual pole record because of 12 times in 2016.

Now that he has finished his 12th season at F1. He has 83 poles and 73 runs at the end of the racing cars. It was just under the record of legendary Michael Schumacher winning 18.

In addition, the total number that British drivers won in this season is up to 408 points. He had became the first to exceed 400 points in the season since F1 changed the scoring system in 2010.

It is said to have surpassed the old record 385 points belonged to former teammate Nico Rosberg set up in 2016. Moreover, compared with the perfect score of the season, Hamilton scored 77.7 percent of the total 525 Maximum score possible.

Valtteri Bottas was the winner racing in Abu Dhabi 12 months ago. He was second in this racing. But with continued tire problems, Finnish drivers are again in fifth place. This is his fourth rance.

Bottas finished this position that’s the sixth in 2018. Since then, he has become the first Mercedes racing driver to not win in the hybrid turbo. They hope he will come back strongly in 2019.

Vettel came in second prize and he got his 12th podium. But this is only the fourth podium ever since he won Spa at the end of August. This is a poor record for his loss of championship this year. However he had finished this season at the runner-up with his highest score ever since he moved to Ferrari in 2015 (320 points).