May 29, 2022

The fact that the British runner to finish first is expected, but GP Tuscany has many more stories worth telling.

GP Tuscany was held for the first time in history at Mugello racecourse. Because of not being too familiar with this racetrack, it made it difficult for the racers in the first part of the race and many complicated situations took place.

From the very first meter, Valtteri Bottas at No. 2 attacked Lewis Hamilton and took the lead. On the second turn, a continuous accident took place, leading to 3 drivers Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly giving up immediately.

Carlos Sainz’s car during the turn caused a number of other cars to crash, including Sebastian Vettel, causing the German driver to enter the pit to replace the front wing.

The accident caused the yellow flag to rise right from round 1 and until round 6, the new riders started to return. However, after only a few meters of competition, another continuous accident in the following group took place. This time, up to 5 riders had to give up, including Esteban Ocon, Nicholas Latifi, Kevin Magnussen, Antonio Giovinazzi and Carlos Sainz. This time, the red flag appeared, the riders entered the pit and waited for the staff to clean up the track.

After more than 20 minutes, the new race continued to take place. Right from the very first meter, Lewis Hamilton attacked and regained 1st place from Valtteri Bottas. The British driver has enough bravery and luck to avoid accidents behind. Stand up behind two Mercedes racers, Charles Leclerc, but the Monaco driver constantly let his opponents pass after each round. From 3rd in round 18, Leclerc dropped to 7th in round 22, and that made him go to the pit to replace hard tires, change tactics.

Lance Stroll, after overcoming Leclerc in round 18, was very stable and had a chance to win podium once again in 4th place. However, a mistake in round 38 caused his cake to lock and Racing Point’s racer crashes into a fence. Once again, the red flag was raised. This is the first time since the Brazilian GP 2016, the red flag has appeared twice.

The race then took place from round 40, and in the remaining 19 rounds, there was only a little change in the following group. By the 51st round, Alex Albon overcame Daniel Ricciardo and maintained third place until the end. The Thai racer earned his first podium in his career. At the very top of this stage is Lewis Hamilton, he also added 1 fastest lap point and further outpaced Valtteri Bottas with 55 more points (180 versus 135).

The race at Mugello is an opportunity for the organizers to pay tribute to Ferrari, but the two drivers of the Italian team did not play as expected. Charles Leclerc only finished eighth, and Sebastian Vettel ranked 10th, partly due to so many riders giving up before. After the race in Tuscany, riders will have a week off before returning to compete with Russian GP, ​​held on September 27 at Sochi racetrack.