August 21, 2019

On the first racing day of the Brazilian GP racing car prize, Lewis Hamilton won the race at the starting lineup. Most anticipate the F1 champion will have an easy day at the main race. However, all those are not that.

At the start of the racing cars, Hamilton as usual maintained his good racing form, leading from the start. However, he always suffered the intense pursuit of young racing Max Verstappen. This 21- year- old Red Bull driver showed off his impressive performance when he beat out both Ferrari drivers Raikkonen and Vettel and Valteri Bottas of Mercedes to rise to second place in the first round.

At this stage, Hamilton entered the pitstop early and changed from a soft to medium tire to ensure the finish of the race safely in high temperatures in Brazil. Meanwhile, Verstappen to round 35 new tires and he still uses super soft tires. This gave him the weight advantage and surpassed Hamilton in the 39th round.

The turning point of the race came in the 44th round of the race, and Verstappen was unlucky not to crash with the late Ocon and was upside down. Verstappen even crashed the floor after the aforementioned situation. Hamilton had won the advantage and quickly regained the lead. Despite winning the championship, Hamilton still has to do that.

Hamilton threatens to boycott if F1 races. However, in the last few rounds, Hamilton was having trouble with the engine. Mercedes engineers say that the car’s engine is already over temperature and can break down at any time. However, very fortunate, Hamilton was able to reach the goal successfully. Although trying to chase after but Verstappen also could not overcome Hamilton again, suffered less than Hamilton 4 seconds on the race chart.

With this victory, Hamilton has officially helped Mercedes to win the fifth consecutive team, balance the record of Ferrari from 2000-2004, that’s while the legendary Michael Schumacher.