May 29, 2022

If they do not work in the field of film or music, these stars can also make a name for themselves in professional racing.

1. Michael Fassbender

As a famous Hollywood star who appeared in the movies “300”, “12 years of slavery”, “Mutant – First Generation”, actor Michael Fassbender also possesses great racing talent. Michael Fassbender said his dream of becoming a racer originated from his father.

To satisfy his passion, Michael Fassbender took part in a Corsa Pilota racing course organized by Ferrari. Then, he participated in the Ferrari Challenge race in the 2017, 2018 season on the Ferrari 488. In 2019, Fassbender continued to participate in the Porsche Sports Cup race with the 911 GT3.

And in particular, Michael Fassbender will participate in the 24-hour Lemans as an official member of the Proton Competition team. This race is famous for being the toughest race in the world with the participation of top riders.

2. Paul Newman

As an actor, but Paul Newman has a track record as well known as his acting career.

Falling in love with the sport thanks to a role in a racing-themed movie, Paul Newman attended the first professional race at the Thompson International Speedway in 1972. During his career, Paul Newman won four championships. country in the SCCA racing system, each participating in the 24-hour Lemans race.

At the age of 70, he also won the title of oldest racer in the winning team at the 24-hour Daytona tournament in 1995.

3. Patrick Dempsey

The star of the TV series “The Surgery of Gray” Patrick Dempsey can not hide his passion for racing. Dempsey once stated that he could leave his acting career to race because it became part of who he is.

Patrick Dempsey has competed in semi-professional races such as the Rolex 24 at Daytona and also in the professional Le Mans 24 hours. Currently, this actor also establishes his own racing team and owns a rich collection of sports cars and classic cars.

4. Nick Mason

As the drummer of the legendary band Pink Floyd, Nick Mason decided to spend his spare time in racing.

This drummer especially loves the Ferrari brand and has a collection of valuable vintage cars. During his career, Nick Mason has raced in the 24-hour Le Mans, The Grand Tour and many other professional races.

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