July 9, 2020

The last two races of the first season took place in 2 days in Valencia, and like in the San Marino before, the winners of both races were the same person. Eric Granado (Brazil) has only achieved the best result of 6th place in the 4th race but had a memorable weekend in Spain when he finished first twice in a row before the attack of candidates for the position champion.

Bradley Smith was the second runner-up in both races but that was not enough for him to prevent Matteo Ferrari from crowning the first MotoE title in history even though the Italian driver only got 3rd and 5th in 2 races. Ferrari finished the season with 99 points after six races finishing in the top 5. Bradley Smith and Eric Granado took second and third place respectively.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho MotoGP racing, Valencia GP

The chaos comes from the first moments of the race when cars are constantly in trouble for many different reasons. By the third round, even the red flag was raised due to the continuous accident in crab 11 with 5 different drivers involved. After that, the referee of FIM decided that the race would return with 15 laps and the starting rank as the original.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho MotoGP racing, Valencia GP

Another unrelated accident happened when the race started a second time, this time in the 4th corner with 4 cars, 3 of which were the leaders of the individual charts such as Dalla Porta, John McPhee or Tony. Arbolino. The fact that the top names of the formula are out of the race soon, is an opportunity for little-name drivers to do something at the last race of 2019.

And rookie Sergio Garcia has shown his determination to Since then, the first win of his career at the age of 16. This is a beautiful ending for the 2019 season with the Spanish driver with 1 victory and 1 second in the last 2 stages.

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