August 13, 2020

If you have the opportunity to set foot in Monaco, you should not miss the Formula 1 race, it has become a tradition and an integral part of history here. Racing cars Sports have been coming to Monaco from the middle of May to prepare to welcome the 6th race – the most dramatic race of the season in the Principality.

Monaco, a small country located on the southern coast of France, is a paradise of entertainment and festivals. Monaco is considered the most expensive city in Europe, home to the world’s leading casinos and is a paradise for the elite and the famous sports athletes.

The Monaco racetrack runs through the streets along the coast, the first Rally took place in 1911 and the Formula 1 race formed 18 years later. To date, Monaco GP has always been an indispensable race in Formula 1 season.

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The track here has a total length of 3,367 km with 18 corners including 10 right and 8 left, running in a clockwise direction. As a race on the streets, the average speed here is relatively low, only about 158 ​​km for hour.

The track requires a lot of skill and experience from the driver’s battle. To complete the 78 prescribed laps, the driver must manipulate an average of 4,836 number shifts, an impressive number!

The narrow track and many corners require riders to have a stable and balanced vehicle. Besides, keeping the cockpit temperature at a permissible and better level will also help the car to be competitive and safe to finish. In this street race, Pirelli only uses super soft tires.

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Monaco Grand Prix contains many different elements and brings the exciting and unique appeal of this ancient race. The famous racetrack on the streets of Monte Carlo always ecstatic F1 fans.

It’s hard to just point out a highlight on this track. However Turn 6, also known as the corner of the Grand Hotel, can be named. This can be considered to be the lowest speed cornering today. But it still requires a lot of skill of the riders.

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