September 20, 2021

YouTuber Gordon Hlavainka, the owner of the video clip, turned his Chevy Volt into a state-of-the-art emulator racing game of the moment.  Real racing players never use gaming handles. There is a huge industry born to serve these “drivers” with steering wheel, pedal or even a racing simulator, using real racing seats to bring authentic experience Best.

But all this is nothing compared to the hacker group below – they have transformed a real car into a steering wheel for Mario Kart 64.  YouTuber Gordon Hlavainka, who uploaded the video, explained that his son, Dan and his friend Adam Ringwood and JP Smith used the Chevy Volt as a means of transport, as well as the great current gaming machine.

This trio, named itself Team Catch Me If You CAN, calls it the “best emulation gaming room today,” and it has also won numerous awards at the HackIllinois 2016 event – the competition. organized by the University of Illinois for white hat hackers and “self-study and home-do” engineers.

Of course the final product is the result of many builds, but simplifying it involves the following steps: They connected a Raspberry Pi mini computer to the OBD2 port of the Chevy Volt, Allows the laptop to read CAN bus signals coming from rotation acceleration, throttle and brake sensors.

Then, just use a laptop connected to the car, running Mario Kart 64 and so the car became a control room – including light switches and windshield wipers wind, two things will control the vehicle’s acceleration and throwing ability. Any car with these sensors can turn into a gaming room: Team Catch Me If You CAN uses a Honda CR-V to develop software and then implement it on a Chevy Volt.

These guys also rewrote the process of implementing this project in an article on its official website. This is a great read if you love computer-related projects and programming, or simply want to sit in a car and play Mario Kart racing.