May 25, 2020

In recent years, open world games are becoming more and more impressive. Not only action games, new adventures must be open worlds, but even racing games.

After complimenting from the first version, this time Ubisoft reused the old recipe and learned from the mistakes of the old game to bring about a more exciting racing experience on The Crew 2. This article will be my comment after a while playing this open world racing game.

An open world game will not be an open world game if the game world is not open at all. The Crew 2 really impresses me when extremely large, majestic, beautiful and amazing. Set in the whole of America, you will play the role of an anonymous driver with the great purpose of becoming a world famous racer.

After completing the basic tutorial with the three main vehicle classes in the game, open the map, shrink it and believe it, you will be surprised with the vastness of the map of The Crew 2. . A crowded, cramped city or a desert somewhere or a high mountain is just in America that you will be able to go to.

The Crew 2 activities are equally diverse, you will be able to participate in the crowded Street Racing races, or Off-Road across the forests, or Free Style for you to freely perform the Special skills and Pro Racing where professional riders battle each other. This is also the 4 big families, 4 princes in the game that you must defeat.

Of course you will not need to necessarily complete certain types of racing and be confined in one area, but you can freely choose any challenge for yourself. You can choose to race in dramatic streets at night when the city lights up, or cross the morning forests where there is a slight rain, all depending on you.