May 25, 2020

The two Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc crashed into each other at the last races, so they gave up at the Brazilian Grand Prix main race on November 17.

Express UK posted the headline “The disaster of Ferrari when Vettel and Leclerc collided at the Brazilian Grand Prix“. Vettel and Leclerc’s F1 race in Brazil ended in controversial situations, when two Ferrari team-mates collided with each other.

The two drivers collided in round 65 of the main race and were said to be the climax of the disagreement. Vettel tried to outrun his teammate to finish 4th overall. However, when he tried to pass Leclerc, two cars collided and Vettel’s car broke a tire.

Two cars of Ferrari team collided in round 65

Vettel gave up immediately, while Leclerc also stopped shortly afterwards. The clash between the two drivers led captain Mattia Binotto of Ferrari to exclaim: “What the hell?”.

Ferrari’s top two drivers have been tense with each other at races in Bahrain, Italy or Russia this season. The clash in Brazil is the latest turning point to witness a deteriorating relationship between the two. However, the Ferrari team decided not to penalize the two drivers.

Collisions between Vettel and Leclerc are not the only incidents in the main race in Brazil. In round 52, Valtteri Bottas‘s car caught fire and he was forced to pull over. In round 59, Lewis Hamilton’s car hit Alexander Albon while trying to pass to win the 3rd place.

Hamilton finished third, but he was deducted and dropped to 7th place. After the race, the F1 2019 champions sent an apology to the opponent. First on this stage is Max Verstappen. Red Bull riders do not face many challenges from rivals.

The next leg will take place in Abu Dhabi (UAE), from November 29 to December 1.

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