May 29, 2022

According to the latest information, F1 racing has been officially canceled the race in Canada, Texas, Mexico and Brazil due to COVID-19 epidemic. However, the organizers have added three new locations in Europe.

On Friday (July 24), the organizers of Formula 1 racing have announced the cancellation of all 4 races in the Americas will take place according to the old schedule, and add 3 new race tracks in Europe. Europe to supplement, including 2 stages once very popular – Imola and Nürburgring.

While the previous scheduled Grand Prix races in Canada, Texas (USA), Mexico and Brazil were canceled, the F1 race organizers said the Portimao (Portugal) race will be hosting the first of a series of races for the first time. F1.

The number of races canceled compared to the original schedule of the 2020 season has increased to 11. Other locations affected by COVID-19 include Australia, France, Monaco, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan. .

The revised schedule now has 13 races, while this year’s F1 is expected to host between 15 and 18 races. In particular, the season will end in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi in mid-December.

15 races is the minimum number needed to make a TV contract.

The F1 leg in Shanghai (China) is also expected to be canceled, however, the race in Hanoi (Vietnam) will still take place. BTC is also considering reopening the race in Sepang (Malaysia).

The organizers of the F1 F1 race are eager to return to the Americas next season.

As of Thursday (July 23), the United States has recorded a total of more than 4 million COVID-19 cases since the first case in January, according to a Reuters report. In particular, Texas is one of the most affected states.

Brazil has a total confirmed case of nearly 2.3 million, with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the world outside of the United States. Meanwhile, Mexico ranked fourth in the world in the number of patients died of COVID-19.