September 20, 2021

The impressive life and career of former F1 champion Michael Schumacher will be adapted into a special documentary to honor him personally. According to Motor Sport news, Schumacher ‘s official documentary is expected to include family interviews and the 25th anniversary of the first world championship of the world F1 racing legend. The film was released at the end of 2019.

An introduction to the movie project will be screened at this month’s Cannes Film Festival. According to German media, the film includes Schumacher’s never-before-seen footage at home with family members.

The film received great support by the family of each world champion 7 times. However, the main scenes in the film are said to focus on the professional career of the former driver who has been involved with F1 teams like Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes for 25 years since he won the championship title. First.

The wife of the legendary Schumacher, Corinna and father Rolf is said to have received the interview, along with his children. This story may include scenes of Schumacher’s 50th birthday celebration, held in January in Mallorca, Spain.

The legendary F1 village legend has been in a coma since December 2013 after a ski accident that caused him to bang his head on a rock. Since then, Schumacher’s condition has always been a closely guarded secret. The film is expected to be released at theaters in Germany and Switzerland on December 5.

Elsewhere, Hamburg BI 14 Film, a German company, is working on a documentary that’s titled “Schumacher”. Movie content may not mention the current health status of the legendary F1.

According to The Guardian newspaper, this documentary called Schumacher will tell the story of the dramatic, seven-time champion of Formula 1 racing legend and the skiing accident that almost robbed him of life. your network.

The horrific accident that happened five years ago with Michael Schumacher in the French Alps caused him to suffer a serious brain injury, deep coma and had to undergo treatment for six months in the hospital before he could go home.