August 13, 2020

F1 racing is considered one of the subjects that attracts a lot of people interested, the race is usually held in big countries such as Australia, USA, Japan, the Middle East.

In November 2018, Vietnam also officially enrolled in the list of countries hosting the most attractive racing competition on the planet – Formula Racing Championship. Also, from July 17, 2019, all ticket classes of The FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship Formula 1Grand Prix will be officially on sale.

As the most anticipated race in the Formula 1 – Formula 1 season in 2020, Vietnam Grand Prix includes 3 main types of tickets: Business Tickets, Stands Tickets and Economy Tickets. Each ticket type is divided into different ticket classes with separate benefits and a 1-day or 3-day weekend package option, giving viewers the opportunity to own the ticket that best suits their interests and needs of each person.

Speed ​​fans who own any of these tickets will be able to participate in extremely exciting festivals and a variety of side activities such as extra races between world-class supercar brands. gender, food festivals or experience the Fanzone with exceptionally engaging sports and entertainment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bài viết đua xe thế giới

Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​the planet’s most exciting racing competition, attracting millions of viewers every year. April 2020 will be the first time this race will be held in Indonesia. Formula 1 is the first race designed by F1 in collaboration with Tilke Company (Germany) to make it one of the most unique streets.

It brings fierce challenges and making F1 race The Grand Prix has become the most exciting and expected race in the 2020 season, attracting the attention and attention of millions of domestic and international audiences.

Especially, YouHomers members who have YouPoint points in their account will be able to use YouPonit points to redeem the tickets for the planet’s most attractive racing event, in addition to the audience can book tickets online on the site. YouHomes official website