August 13, 2020

Triathlon includes running, swimming and cycling. Initially the swimmers race. Next is cycling to the track, finally the marathon runners to finish.

This is an outdoor sport and a new sport to be played at the SEA Games. Triathlon requires athletes to have a physical and mental endurance. This is an individual or team sport. This sport has a lot of participants.

All Ironman events have to be had a strict time limit of 17h to complete the racing. The track usually starts at 7:00 am. The required time-out for the swim is 9:20 am, the mandatory time-out for cycling is 5:30 pm. Any participant who completes a triathlon in the above period becomes Ironman.

The name “Ironman Triathlon” was derived from the original Ironman triathlon, now called the Ironman World Championship. These members will choice each other what type of sport is better, the runner or the swimmer.

On this occasion, US Navy commander John Collin pointed out that a recent article in Sports Illurtated magazine stated that Eddy Merckx, Belgian’s best cyclist.

A number of military athletes participating this time are familiar with the form of San Diego racetrack. So they understood the idea when Collins suggested that the debate should end with a race that combines all three types of competition: swimming, cycling and jogging.

Due to the lack of media efforts after that, in 1979 about 50 athletes participated. However, due to bad weather, the race was delayed for a day. Only 15 people started the race the next morning. Collins plans to change the track into relay events next year to get more participants.

Nowadays, the Ironman form remains unchanged and Hawaii Ironman is still considered an honor and prestigious relay race event worldwide. The reason why Russia is not satisfied is because the US did not inform the Russian army about its offensive activities. and therefore, US fighters can be identified as invading targets.