The fastest race car in the world is about to reach 1,600km / h

A former Royal Air Force pilot is working with the team to build the Bloodhound SSC to break the speed record of the fastest race car in the world held by the SSC Thrust model.

With the Thrust SSC, also known as the fastest race car in the world, Lieutenant Colonel Andy Green, a former fighter pilot of the RAF (RAF), has reached a driving record beyond the speed of sound (1,238km / h) in 1997, with the speed above ground reaching nearly 1,300km / h.

However, Andy Green and his team will set a new record with the introduction of the Bloodhound SSC and the goal of reaching 1,600km / h. Experts said they spent years perfecting the Bloodhound SSC in the most perfect way. Basically, Bloodhound SSC still looks like a wheeled rocket, but has many different characteristics that make it look like a wingless fighter.

According to CNN, the car uses an EJ2000 engine, the engine designed for Eurofighter Typhoon jet, one of the world’s leading fighters. The challenge that drivers face when running on the track with the Bloodhound SSC is the shock waves caused by the wheels when traveling at high speed.

The testing of Bloodhound SSC is expected to take place in Aerohub, Newquay, southwest England, early next year. If nothing happens, the car will then be transported to the Hakskeen Desert in South Africa, where Green and his team want to set a record at 1,600km / h in 2016. In time In preparation, the research team is completing the plan to make the road nearly 20km long and 3km wide in this area.

Bloodhound SSC vehicle and plan to set a high speed driving record of the Bloodhound project. This is a project to inspire scientists and engineers around the world to create new generation vehicles with increasing speed, to meet the application needs in research activities as well. like military. The project now draws the attention of the British scientific community and receives the support of the government’s science and technology agency, universities, and military as well as several other organizations.

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The method of car drift, the dream of many racing drivers

There are two common techniques that racing riders often start drift: using clutch and braking. Drift almost always requires rear-wheel drive vehicles, front-wheel drive vehicles can also be used but very rarely. By the way the drift starts with the clutch, when the driver approaches the crab, he will kick the car and return it at 2. Then he will pedal the engine to about 4500 rpm.

When he releases the clutch will create a huge traction for the wheel because the engine rotates too fast. The sudden increase in traction caused the rear wheels to spin so quickly that the wheel spins on the road surface, the back of the car turns back to the crab. With basic braking technique, the driver pulls the hand brake abruptly when he enters the cornering, causing the rear wheel to brake and lose the grip, starting the drift.

The brake-start drift is one of the techniques that you can use for front-axle vehicles. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, there are dozens of drift skills, and professional riders often use a combination of skills at every bend.

Once the drift is started, the really hard part of the sport is just beginning. Keeping the drift running instead of losing the loop drive requires a lot of practice. Professional drifters combine the throttle control and feel the steering wheel to control a drift, not allowing the vehicle to go straight, regain the grip of the vehicle and glide slowly through bends.

The most superfluous hands can maintain drift of several continuous circles. These are high-level drift skills. These riders can perform diverse skills once after others maintain excessive control of the drift screen. In the next section, we can recheck the skills you can see on professional racing tracks.

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The most fascinating car racing prizes in the world

If you are interested in cars and even passionate about them, you will not be able to ignore the racing competitions that take place continuously throughout the planet. Car manufacturers themselves also regularly show their strength through achievement tables at various large and small races. However, with thousands of prizes taking place everywhere, it will be difficult for someone to grasp what is notable races, which have a great impact on the community and show the size of the car brand.

Monaco Grand Prix – the most attractive F1 stage on the planet.

The Monaco F1 race was first performed in 1929 on the narrow streets of Monte Carlo (with a total length of 3,340 km). In just a short time, it quickly became the famous F1 race and attracted the most media attention. The feature here is that the entire racetrack has no margins but only concrete walls or steel slats – which gives the riders a very strong feeling because of the precise control requirements. Driving skills as well as adventurous experience. Along with extremely high altitude roads, achieving the maximum speed on the track Monaco is at the stage … the tunnel has created very interesting experiences not only for riders but also for viewers.

Indy 500 (IndyCar) – real speed race.

Indianapolis 500 – The race was named one of the three most prestigious motor racing in the world celebrating its 100th birthday in 2011. The annual race is celebrated at this famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Speedway, Indiana) racetrack thanks to the average speed of extremely high performance cars. Particularly for candidates who want to qualify, they must be able to complete the test race with a speed of over 354 km / hour.

24 Hours of Le Mans (Le Mans) – challenging the endurance of “super speed”.

Unlike every other race, Le Mans will spend a weekend in the French countryside to satisfy passionate racers. First organized in 1923 near the town of Le Mans (France), this is a race that challenges the endurance of cars in 24 hours of continuous operation at maximum capacity.

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F1 racing – The sport is not for the faint of heart

The sound of the roaring engine or art steering wheel is a unique feature of Formula 1 racing (F1). Formula One (F1) racing cars prize is one of the most attractive racing sports in the world. Every year, racing events take place around the world, from Europe to Europe, across the Americas, to Asia and even in the Middle East.

Launched in 1950, F1 racing cars are now very popular in the world. Usually each race has 10 to 12 participating teams, sponsored by leading brands such as Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, Renault, McLaren. When participating in the tournament, each team will have 2 cars. It is worth mentioning here that the teams have designed their own F1 racing cars. In addition, all motor vehicles are sponsored by leading brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Renault or Cosworth.

Each F1 race has a maximum time of 2 hours. At the moment, the score structure for the riders is as follows: the first one gets 25 points, the second is 18 points, the third is 15 points, the fourth is 12 points, the fifth is 10 points, the sixth is 8 points, the 7th 6 points, eighth to 4 points, ninth to get 2 points and 10 points to get 1 point.

The remaining vehicles will not receive points. However, there are schools where the vehicles cannot reach the destination, if they are in the group of 10 leading vehicles and must complete at least 90% of the road where the winner wins. Another case also happens that if the winner (which is the most round car) cannot reach the destination, 10 cars in the above rankings will only get half of the points.

F1 is a speed sport, so it is inevitable that the race is in danger or an accident occurs. At that time, in case of necessity, the organizers will let a safe vehicle run out, blocking F1 cars slowly slowly to ensure safety until the problem is fixed.

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Hamilton went to the first destination in the Brazilian GP racing car prize.

On the first racing day of the Brazilian GP racing car prize, Lewis Hamilton won the race at the starting lineup. Most anticipate the F1 champion will have an easy day at the main race. However, all those are not that.

At the start of the racing cars, Hamilton as usual maintained his good racing form, leading from the start. However, he always suffered the intense pursuit of young racing Max Verstappen. This 21- year- old Red Bull driver showed off his impressive performance when he beat out both Ferrari drivers Raikkonen and Vettel and Valteri Bottas of Mercedes to rise to second place in the first round.

At this stage, Hamilton entered the pitstop early and changed from a soft to medium tire to ensure the finish of the race safely in high temperatures in Brazil. Meanwhile, Verstappen to round 35 new tires and he still uses super soft tires. This gave him the weight advantage and surpassed Hamilton in the 39th round.

The turning point of the race came in the 44th round of the race, and Verstappen was unlucky not to crash with the late Ocon and was upside down. Verstappen even crashed the floor after the aforementioned situation. Hamilton had won the advantage and quickly regained the lead. Despite winning the championship, Hamilton still has to do that.

Hamilton threatens to boycott if F1 races. However, in the last few rounds, Hamilton was having trouble with the engine. Mercedes engineers say that the car’s engine is already over temperature and can break down at any time. However, very fortunate, Hamilton was able to reach the goal successfully. Although trying to chase after but Verstappen also could not overcome Hamilton again, suffered less than Hamilton 4 seconds on the race chart.

With this victory, Hamilton has officially helped Mercedes to win the fifth consecutive team, balance the record of Ferrari from 2000-2004, that’s while the legendary Michael Schumacher.


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F1 Racing finished for an impressive sport season

The 2018 F1 season has ended with a fascinating and exciting racing through 55 rounds of the Yas Marina. In this year, Abu Dhabi GP is a one of “last” for many riders even though they do not get good results.

Lewis Hamilton won the pole as well as won 11th and 17 podiums in 2018. He equaled many of his season’s winning streaks in 2014. He was just one individual pole record because of 12 times in 2016.

Now that he has finished his 12th season at F1. He has 83 poles and 73 runs at the end of the racing cars. It was just under the record of legendary Michael Schumacher winning 18.

In addition, the total number that British drivers won in this season is up to 408 points. He had became the first to exceed 400 points in the season since F1 changed the scoring system in 2010.

It is said to have surpassed the old record 385 points belonged to former teammate Nico Rosberg set up in 2016. Moreover, compared with the perfect score of the season, Hamilton scored 77.7 percent of the total 525 Maximum score possible.

Valtteri Bottas was the winner racing in Abu Dhabi 12 months ago. He was second in this racing. But with continued tire problems, Finnish drivers are again in fifth place. This is his fourth rance.

Bottas finished this position that’s the sixth in 2018. Since then, he has become the first Mercedes racing driver to not win in the hybrid turbo. They hope he will come back strongly in 2019.

Vettel came in second prize and he got his 12th podium. But this is only the fourth podium ever since he won Spa at the end of August. This is a poor record for his loss of championship this year. However he had finished this season at the runner-up with his highest score ever since he moved to Ferrari in 2015 (320 points).


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